Beginner Course

These classes are the next step up the training ladder from Puppy Socialisation or for dogs that have not attended class before. We will be expanding your dogs brain and building on what he/she has already learnt.


It is very important that your dog learns good manners and sociable behaviour. We will talk about your dogs welfare and needs and how you as the owner have responsibilities for their care.  Many of the exercises will focus on everyday “Life Skills” for example:


Loose Lead Walking and Meet and Greet other people and dogs…this is the basis of good manners


We will teach your dog to Wait/Stay when told….these are important  exercises that can prevent accidents and train your dog in self control.


The Recall….it is essential that your dog will return to you on command if he is off lead, this is to ensure safety for all….without this skill your dog is unable to run free and enjoy his quality of life to the full.


The Settle…..we will work on having your dog go to and relax on a bed or mat, this can help to calm excitement or over-reactions from your dog by giving him his place of safety. It is also the basis for Sendaways in more advanced training.


Dogs learn a lot through play so fun activities and some tricks will also be included.


On the completion of this course you and your dog should have progressed sufficiently to enable you both to enter and pass The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award. We look forward to welcoming you on board this stage of your journey in the dog training world.

Valley Dog Training