Valley Dog Training

About Us

Our instructors all specialise in different areas of dog training.

They are all members of  various different professional organisations. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers , British Flyball Association, Kennel Club approved Judges are but a few.


Classes are for dogs and handlers of all standards and to help you practise at home, we give you written information covering the work done in class each week.


Our aim is for friendly, relaxed classes where both owners and dogs can learn at their own pace - there is no compulsion to do anything. We teach a basic method for each exercise, but if this is not suitable for anyone, there are always alternatives we can suggest.


You are very welcome to come along and watch a class before joining.


Private Lessons

We can also offer home visits and private lessons, which can sometimes help if you have a particular problem which cannot be handled in a class situation.